Alphabet Branch - Hall of Fame Ranking (Individual)

Established March 10, 2022

Times are in EDT, 24-hour format.

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Ranking # Name Nationality Favorite Levels Date+Time Completed Message

Kobe Li (infiniteXforever) z Mar 11 2022 11:29 Thank you kad for this extra branch of nice levels! Looking forward to even more puzzles from you.

umsyt n, q, v, x Mar 12 2022 17:05 kad's vexing quiz problems give back. what joyous fun. :)
.? k, n, p, s, v, z Mar 17 2022 2:41 Thanks for these nice extra levels!
Catz n, q, z March 18 2022 18:28 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz!
akicer p, x, z May 11 2022 22:04 Don't trust level a, some of the levels are for sure harder than majority mainstream levels!
LollipopWut k, p, s, x, z May 20 2022 10:31 Such a wonderful branch despite my struggles! Thank you kad for creating such a unique set of puzzles ❤️
luffyyqh p, s, y, z May 21 2022 04:27 Thank you Kad for offering us the fantastic riddles
WoodFish q, s, x, z June 8 2022 04:27 Thanks for the fun and fantastic riddle! Good job, like it so much!
DissolvedHelium o, q, s, v, z July 1 2022 21:29 This series of levels were absolutely fun to go through! Thanks so much kad for making these banger puzzles and the community for giving me help and nudges when I needed them. :)