ZED is an online browser puzzle, comprised of multiple .htm pages that serve as levels. The objective is to make your way to the next level by typing in the next URL.

Having completed Notpron (138 levels) and being close to completing other website riddles, I decided to make one of my own, in which a major part of this website is inspired by those riddles.

This website is a huge project for showing my love and appreciation to all kinds of puzzles and the enjoyment I get for solving them. With some past HTML and puzzle idea experience, I've decided to dump my ideas into 120 levels in this website.

ZED started development in early September of 2020, starting with 6 levels. Over time, 6 became 22, 22 became 40, and site traffic did not start trickling in until I finished about at least 100 of the levels. Seeing people complete the puzzle, ask for hints and give their reactions to levels has flattered me over something that I enjoy making.

I hope you will enjoy ZED throughout its many levels back to back, and I hope that you'll get into the puzzle/ARG community just a bit after completing some of the levels in here! Good luck!

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