"center" - the center of the image is the Animal Crossing: New Leaf logo

the four QR codes surrounding it are actually pattern codes for the game.
having the game on hand isn't required, as there is a website specifically made for these QR codes.
import each of the QR codes into the website and you will get four quadrants

Quadrant 1 (upper-left)

method - "seeing what is not there"
the top 2 squares in this quadrant reflect this pattern (with the second square filled in as red in the first square).
fill this in for the third square and we get the result on the lower right-hand corner (in blue)

Quadrant 2 (upper-right)

method - maritime flag signals
simply fill in the lower left-hand corner using the letters above to generate this pattern:

Quadrant 3 (lower-left)

method - transformations
the bottom-left square is split up further into four squares that have their own transformation which is reflected on the square to the right.
the transformations are as follows (from right to left, top to bottom):

- rotation 90 degrees ccw
- shift 2 pixels to the left and wrap
- rotation 90 degrees cw
- reflect horizontally
image courtesy of Catz

fill in the top-right square based on the transformations shown:

Quadrant 4 (lower-right)

method: pigpen
fill in the upper left-hand corner using the letters below to generate this pattern:

The Answer

reading the center of all four quadrants together, we can make out letters that form the final answer, FORMATION
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