Temp End Ranking

Established March 14, 2021

Times are in EDT, 24-hour format.
Ones who have solved the latest level (Dodecagon) rank higher.

Ranking # Name Nationality Temp End Favorite Levels Time Completed (Latest Temp End) Completed Secret Level(s) Message
GhostsTheElder Dodecagon Nonagon May 8 2021 19:50
Catz 40, 42, XIII, XXIX, Hexagon, Dodecagon totally harder than solving cipher btw
MishuAnubis Dodecagon 51, XVI, XXX, Triangle, Heptagon May 22 2021 14:02 +α +β i like levels very much
it is a very good riddle!!

well done!
shaharc X, XXIII, Nonagon +α +β Thank you for another set of very challenging levels, waiting eagerly for the grand finale.
Kobe Li (infiniteXforever) Dodecagon 47, 58, 69, Nonagon, Dodecagon Jun 1 2021 17:35 +α +β Thank you for the interesting and challenging levels, with both Notpron feeling and your own style. I love the idea of geometry levels!
zitman Dodecagon 35, 69, XII, XIII, Square, Hexagon Jun 14 2021 11:41 Really impressed by such a great-quality set of riddles! So many novel ideas especially those visual levels!
LiahnovTechenski Dodecagon Jun 17 2021 22:22
alpha█ Dodecagon 61, X, Heptagon, Alpha Jun 25 2021 18:30 +α +β
trinih Dodecagon 58, XXVII, Nonagon, "many others" Aug 26 2021 1:48 +α +β Great riddle!! Thank you very much! Bravo Kad!
Celordal Dodecagon Sept 1 2021 18:38 +α +β
sable Dodecagon 40, 58, X, Triangle, Nonagon Sept 1 2021 19:02 Great riddle. I was so often forced to try and see things in a fresh way. Thanks Kad for a really enjoyable ride.
Mtn.Laurel Dodecagon "too many to list" Sept 2 2021 11:41 Great job! Thanks for the creation. And thanks to helping hands around the globe.
aaaasa Dodecagon Sept 3 2021 11:09
umsyt Dodecagon 66, XI, XXVII, XXIX, Square Sept 12 2021 12:40 amazing. easily worthy of contending with the greats.
mrmonster (thedude) Dodecagon Octagon Sept 13 2021 13:23 +α +β
carbo25 Dodecagon Sept 14 2021 9:39
Caroline Dodecagon Sept 19 2021 9:08
Namnet Dodecagon Triangle, Square Sept 19 2021 9:18 Thank you for an amazing riddle!
minson Dodecagon 47, 50, 58, X, Nonagon Sept 24 2021 16:09 A riddle that hit my weaknesses hard but I still enjoy the majority of over 100 levels. You did a great job kad!
.? Dodecagon 8, 35, 47, 58, 62, XVII, XXIII, XXVII, XXIX, Nonagon, Dodecagon, k, α November 11 2021 23:31 +α +β Thank you kad for creating this fun riddle! ZED is the first online riddle I played! (and the first one I completed :))
iceworm XXXI 16, 40, 48, III, VI, XIII, XIX Mar 30 2021 16:49 Some levels a bit too much (I still have level 69 nightmares), but overall: GREAT RIDDLE, had a very good time so far and looking forward to suffer more :)
weaver (+ Catz) XXXI XXIX Apr 3 2021 21:15 totally harder than solving cipher btw
Rafa (+ GhostsTheElder) XXXI 40, 42, 61, 66, VI, XIII Apr 5 2021 01:25 This feels like an updated and improved version of notpron. I really liked it!
Mtatt100 XXXI "the easy ones" Apr 15 2021 10:32 Some really great ideas in this riddle had me scratching my head on numerous occasions. Thanks for making it.
Kegeshook XXXI 34, 61, XII, and XXIII Apr 15 2021 19:53 The first online riddle that I've completed in 10 years. Very trying at times but enjoyable overall.