Temp End Ranking

Established March 14, 2021

Times are in EDT, 24-hour format.
Ones who have solved the latest level (Dodecagon) rank higher.

As of December 16, 2021, temp end rankings are now closed due to the first final level releasing (Z1).

Ranking # Name Nationality Temp End Favorite Levels Time Completed (Latest Temp End) Completed Secret Level(s) Message
GhostsTheElder Dodecagon Nonagon May 8 2021 19:50
Catz 40, 42, XIII, XXIX, Hexagon, Dodecagon totally harder than solving cipher btw
MishuAnubis Dodecagon 51, XVI, XXX, Triangle, Heptagon May 22 2021 14:02 +α +β i like levels very much
it is a very good riddle!!

well done!
shaharc X, XXIII, Nonagon +α +β Thank you for another set of very challenging levels, waiting eagerly for the grand finale.
Kobe Li (infiniteXforever) Dodecagon 47, 58, 69, Nonagon, Dodecagon Jun 1 2021 17:35 +α +β Thank you for the interesting and challenging levels, with both Notpron feeling and your own style. I love the idea of geometry levels!
zitman Dodecagon 35, 69, XII, XIII, Square, Hexagon Jun 14 2021 11:41 Really impressed by such a great-quality set of riddles! So many novel ideas especially those visual levels!
LiahnovTechenski Dodecagon Jun 17 2021 22:22
alpha█ Dodecagon 61, X, Heptagon, Alpha Jun 25 2021 18:30 +α +β
trinih Dodecagon 58, XXVII, Nonagon, "many others" Aug 26 2021 1:48 +α +β Great riddle!! Thank you very much! Bravo Kad!
Celordal Dodecagon Sept 1 2021 18:38 +α +β
sable Dodecagon 40, 58, X, Triangle, Nonagon Sept 1 2021 19:02 Great riddle. I was so often forced to try and see things in a fresh way. Thanks Kad for a really enjoyable ride.
Mtn.Laurel Dodecagon "too many to list" Sept 2 2021 11:41 Great job! Thanks for the creation. And thanks to helping hands around the globe.
aaaasa Dodecagon Sept 3 2021 11:09
umsyt Dodecagon 66, XI, XXVII, XXIX, Square Sept 12 2021 12:40 amazing. easily worthy of contending with the greats.
mrmonster (thedude) Dodecagon Octagon Sept 13 2021 13:23 +α +β
carbo25 Dodecagon Sept 14 2021 9:39
Caroline Dodecagon Sept 19 2021 9:08
Namnet Dodecagon Triangle, Square Sept 19 2021 9:18 Thank you for an amazing riddle!
minson Dodecagon 47, 50, 58, X, Nonagon Sept 24 2021 16:09 A riddle that hit my weaknesses hard but I still enjoy the majority of over 100 levels. You did a great job kad!
.? Dodecagon 8, 35, 47, 58, 62, XVII, XXIII, XXVII, XXIX, Nonagon, Dodecagon, k, α November 11 2021 23:31 +α +β Thank you kad for creating this fun riddle! ZED is the first online riddle I played! (and the first one I completed :))
Omelette pg Dodecagon Square, Dodecagon December 6 2021 9:43 Not gonna lie for a month or two I was stuck at 40 thinking it was the hardest level, and boy I was really wrong
nofanksluv December 6 2021 10:30
iceworm XXXI 16, 40, 48, III, VI, XIII, XIX Mar 30 2021 16:49 Some levels a bit too much (I still have level 69 nightmares), but overall: GREAT RIDDLE, had a very good time so far and looking forward to suffer more :)
weaver (+ Catz) XXXI XXIX Apr 3 2021 21:15 totally harder than solving cipher btw
Rafa (+ GhostsTheElder) XXXI 40, 42, 61, 66, VI, XIII Apr 5 2021 01:25 This feels like an updated and improved version of notpron. I really liked it!
Mtatt100 XXXI "the easy ones" Apr 15 2021 10:32 Some really great ideas in this riddle had me scratching my head on numerous occasions. Thanks for making it.
Kegeshook XXXI 34, 61, XII, and XXIII Apr 15 2021 19:53 The first online riddle that I've completed in 10 years. Very trying at times but enjoyable overall.