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Established December 13, 2021

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Ranking # Name Nationality Favorite Levels Date+Time Completed Completed Secret Level(s) Message

MishuAnubis 42, 57, q, Dodecagon, Z6 Dec 12 2021 00:45 +Tm +Bl +Kt thanks Kad! it was a great honor to test the final level! Very good ideas and interesting levels! Sad that is over
umsyt 66, XI, XVI, XXII, XXVII, XXIX, Square, Z1-Z6 (+n, q, v) Dec 26 2021 11:24 +Tm +Bl +Kt Thank you all for all the help, expanding my head, excitement when I knew the stuff, and kad for making ZED.
Kobe Li (infiniteXforever) 47, 58, 69, Hexagon, Dodecagon, Z3-Z6 Dec 26 2021 17:37 +Tm +Bl +Kt An amazing riddle with an elegant structure and full of creative and interesting ideas! The visual levels (which I am weak in) really shaped your own riddle style. I had great fun doing all these. Thank you kad!
Shen Qiang 8, 40, 51, 57, 60, 63, 69, X, XIII, XXVII, Square, Octagon, Dodecagon, Z3, Z6 Dec 27 2021 11:01 +Bl Some of the levels really require some brainstorming. Thank you for the great puzzle.
alpha█ 61, X, Heptagon, Alpha, Z4-Z6, r, v Dec 27 2021 12:43 +Bl +Kt Very fun and creative riddle. I really enjoyed solving it! :)
zitman 35, 69, XII, XIII, Square, Hexagon, Z5, Z6 Dec 27 2021 15:16 The last set of six metapuzzle-like levels are really impressive! They are very well organized and I was really amused to have experienced lots of aha moments. Thank you ❤️
.? 8, 35, 47, 58, 62, XVII, XXIII, XXVII, XXIX, Nonagon, Dodecagon, k, α Dec 27 2021 18:29 +Tm +Bl +Kt
minson 47, 50, 58, X, Nonagon Dec 28 2021 02:30 +Bl +Kt
shaharc various, but mostly Z6 Jan 05 2022 02:11 +Bl +Kt Thank you Kad for this wonderful huge and challenging riddle. Took me long time to finish it, but it was worth the journey. Looking forward for the "extensions".
Caroline (cae_prince) Z5, Z6 Jan 12 2022 15:33 +Bl +Kt I simply had a blast doing these. The whole puzzle is elegant in its construction and breaking through each level was extremely satisfying.
Catz 40, 42, XIII, XXIX, Hexagon, Dodecagon, Z2, Z3, Z6 March 5 2022 16:34 +Tm +Bl +Kt Beautiful creative masterpiece. Thank you so much Kad for creating this game, and to all those who have helped me. I had an incredible amount of fun going through this 😍
ok123 May 16, 2022 11:19 PM +Tm +Bl
luffyyqh 35, 58, 67, XVII, XXVII, XXIX, Square, Nona, Dodeca, Z1-Z6, Tm May 28, 2022 12:30 +Tm +Bl +Kt How do you come out with so many fun and outstanding ideas Kad, It is a really long journey with so much joy.
LollipopWut 57, XXVII, Octagon, Z1-Z6 May 29, 2022 12:59 +Tm +Bl +Kt You've done it, kad. You've successfully gotten me to enjoy a masterpiece. Thank you so much for a rollercoaster of a riddle! ❤️
tintingiabao Z3, Z5, 0 June 2 2022, 10:02 +Bl An acutal puzzle that I actually like. This was a great puzzle and it’s been fun doing it. Thank you Kad for making this.
alchimista 8, 57, 69, VI, X, Triangle, Z4-Z6 June 18 2022, 14:18 A game with different and beautiful levels
akicer 69, Hexagon, Nonagon, Z3, Z5, Z6 June 22 2022, 17:03 +Tm +Bl For countless times I was impressed by Kad’s creativity, it was a great journey and I’m expecting more fancy levels!
birtrosz 30, 47, 58, 69, XVI, XIX, XXXI, Square, Hexagon, Z5, Z6 June 25 2022, 16:18 +Bl Thank you kad for creating this amazing riddle, I've had lots of fun and made great memories solving it. The puzzles were very cool and original :)
trinih 55 + others June 29 2022, 21:30 +Bl Thank you very much!! I enjoyed a lot with your wonderful riddle