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Established December 13, 2021

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Ranking # Name Nationality Favorite Levels Date+Time Completed Completed Secret Level(s) Message

MishuAnubis 42, 57, q, Dodecagon, Z6 Dec 12 2021 00:45 +Tm +Bl +Kt thanks Kad! it was a great honor to test the final level! Very good ideas and interesting levels! Sad that is over
umsyt 66, XI, XVI, XXII, XXVII, XXIX, Square, Z1-Z6 (+n, q, v) Dec 26 2021 11:24 +Tm +Bl +Kt Thank you all for all the help, expanding my head, excitement when I knew the stuff, and kad for making ZED.
Kobe Li (infiniteXforever) 47, 58, 69, Hexagon, Dodecagon, Z3-Z6 Dec 26 2021 17:37 +Tm +Bl +Kt An amazing riddle with an elegant structure and full of creative and interesting ideas! The visual levels (which I am weak in) really shaped your own riddle style. I had great fun doing all these. Thank you kad!
Shen Qiang 8, 40, 51, 57, 60, 63, 69, X, XIII, XXVII, Square, Octagon, Dodecagon, Z3, Z6 Dec 27 2021 11:01 +Bl Some of the levels really require some brainstorming. Thank you for the great puzzle.
alpha█ 61, X, Heptagon, Alpha, Z4-Z6, r, v Dec 27 2021 12:43 +Bl +Kt Very fun and creative riddle. I really enjoyed solving it! :)
zitman 35, 69, XII, XIII, Square, Hexagon, Z5, Z6 Dec 27 2021 15:16 The last set of six metapuzzle-like levels are really impressive! They are very well organized and I was really amused to have experienced lots of aha moments. Thank you ❤️
.? 8, 35, 47, 58, 62, XVII, XXIII, XXVII, XXIX, Nonagon, Dodecagon, k, α Dec 27 2021 18:29 +Tm +Bl +Kt
minson 47, 50, 58, X, Nonagon Dec 28 2021 02:30 +Bl +Kt
shaharc various, but mostly Z6 Jan 05 2022 02:11 +Bl +Kt Thank you Kad for this wonderful huge and challenging riddle. Took me long time to finish it, but it was worth the journey. Looking forward for the "extensions".
sable Z1 and Z6 + various Jan 07 2022 06:46 +α +β Feeling great to have found our way out of this fantastic riddle, but sorry to be leaving it behind.
Namnet +Bl +Kt
Caroline (cae_prince) Z5, Z6 Jan 12 2022 15:33 +Bl +Kt I simply had a blast doing these. The whole puzzle is elegant in its construction and breaking through each level was extremely satisfying.
Catz 40, 42, XIII, XXIX, Hexagon, Dodecagon, Z2, Z3, Z6 March 5 2022 16:34 +Tm +Bl +Kt Beautiful creative masterpiece. Thank you so much Kad for creating this game, and to all those who have helped me. I had an incredible amount of fun going through this 😍
LevitatorLevi 1, XXXI, Triangle, Dodecagon, Z4-Z6 May 09, 2022 23:03 +Tm +Bl +Kt This was a lot of fun. Thank you for making this, kad. I wasn't here 1-71 and XXIV (I will probably do those legit on my own)
Thank you cockmik. (my team) I loved the z6 music ngl...
snappy (pwoofy) X, Square, Nonagon, Z1, Z6, Biblio May 09, 2022 23:28 +Tm +Bl +Kt Thanks kad for making this amazing puzzle! Z6 was fun to do! I really enjoyed my time solving it with my teammates, and it took us a week (i think) to finish it. I love the puzzle concepts! Good luck to other people who are doing this on finishing it!
Eggdog 30-47, Square, Hexagon, Z1, Z6 May 09, 2022 23:42 +Tm +Bl +Kt Loved every single bit of this riddle! All of them were creative in a way. Thanks a lot to kad for making this riddle, and shoutout to my teammates and people who have helped me along the way.
singppap 1, 47, Square, Nonagon, Z6 May 10, 2022 00:16 +Tm +Bl +Kt hello i like chomik game also great puzzle+ I think it’s like a ceacer cypher
Matteoka Hexagon, Z3, Z5, Z6 May 10, 2022 00:42 +Tm +Bl +Kt Oh my god this has been so fun, I legit can't get enough of these puzzles, and to be honest, no matter how hard it is at some points, this is objectively THE best one of these sites.
Krizis 13, I, XVIII, Line, Octagon, Z1-Z6 May 10, 2022 00:53 +Tm +Bl +Kt wow.
driftindown Fake 56/57, Triangle May 10, 2022 07:08 +Tm +Bl +Kt I really enjoyed zed even if I got carried lol. My team is awesome so thanks to them and thank you to kad for creating something so fun.