Q: How come there are levels rarely based on filetypes and audio?

A: Neocities is the main domain on this website, which means there will be limitations on how levels will work. Because Neocities restricts the range of filetypes it can allow on a website (i.e. ZED will not include .mp3, .zip, .psd), there will be less diverse filetype-based levels (before level XXI).

Q: Am I allowed to post solutions online?

A: Absolutely not. Should any one of you post level solutions/link for anyone to see, multiple level solutions will be changed.

Q: What are your favorite levels personally?

A: Levels 42, 60, 69, XIX, XXII, and XXVIII. Level 58 is a close second; it is an ingenious level, but it's also tedious to set up!

Q: Why not a Discord server instead of a forum?

A: I have a personal history of Discord draining my mental ability to host a server. I might as well make a ZED server, but I would want to have several moderators just to see how it turns out. We now have one right here!

Q: How do I save my progress?

A: Use bookmarks. Better yet, make your own text document and save links you might need later.